Here are all the lovely amazing things that people have said about me/Virgin/Not That Easy/all over of the above….

Glamour Magazine

The Big ‘O’ – I wrote a feature all about the reality of orgasms and why so many women including my heroine Ellie Kolstakis – struggle to come. It’s in the January 2016 issue, on sale now!



The Debrief

A piece by me on why popular culture still pretends all women orgasm on cue – and why my book Not That Easy says otherwise


Evening Standard

An interview with me about Virgin, London and – obviously – pubes.


Huffington Post

An interview with me about Virgin and how Joan Rivers told me she loved it before she sadly passed away



Cosmopolitan UK

I wrote about the 15 things that go through your mind when you’re a virgin at uni, just like Ellie Kolstakis in Virgin